Getting Ready

Tonight is going to be fun.  One of my bestest friends from college is coming to visit.  I just saw Nichole a few weeks ago at the Polar Plunge, but I’m already excited to see her again.  

I’ve gotten myself ready and Snapchatted it to prove that it happened (because if you don’t share something online, does it really happen?).  I’m now just waiting.  She should be here in about an hour.  I’m dying to have a few drinks at one of our favorite haunts, so she’s driving to come get me and then being the designated driver (always gotta play it safe!).  She’s already driven something like 4 or 5 hours, so I’m worried that I’m making her drive again, but I think she’ll survive.  We won’t get too wild or crazy, but it’ll be good to do something other than work.

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